The gray area of financial planning is a common obstacles for many people especially youngsters who are new to the society. The importance of understanding the components of financial planning is essential and should begun as early as possible. However, this knowledge is not being taught in school despite being a skill that would follow you for life time or even teaching it to your children.

One of the great difficulties in financial planning is that, there is no clear guideline of how to manage income and the proper pathway to achieve financial stability. Insufficient fund to support necessary daily expenses & monthly commitment is a common issue in the modern society where the cost of everything is increasing except monthly salary/allowance, people who has little understanding on financial knowledge would struggle to allocate right amount of expenses according to necessity. Therefore, it’s logical that many wouldn’t dare to plan for their future due to current struggle.

Conventional beliefs stated that we have to work hard for donkey’s years in order to gain financial stability and the future that we would own the ideal property, our dream car and financial stability would come. But reality doesn’t support this theory that much because many who following this idea still living with the struggle from early stage except that they also live with debts and the belief that they are getting nearer to that future.


This trend creates a risk to many as they struggle between earning and spending, it’s easy to fall into the trap of spending everything at a single time and coping with great suffering to earn back from scratch just to spend again, and the cycle keep going on and on…


In the end, it’s difficult to guarantee financial stability when people fall into this loop. Tons of financial mistakes and external factors that cause unwanted spending and wrong investment could occur overtime which make what’s already tough, tougher. The good news is, it’s not mandatory to cope with such financial difficulties. There is no elixir to solve the struggle but saving plan is useful for such situation which is a secure & proven way to ensure that your hard-earned profit is located at somewhere “safe” and much more manageable.


A saving plan is not just a method that aggressively forcing yourself to save part of your current profit. Think of it as a small plant that depends on good care and contribution to make it grow into a huge tree. That is how you invest on your money to make your money “grow” and it’s not meant to be a short term investment. As mentioned before, this is a lifetime investment that could guarantee good return in the long run. After all, who doesn’t want secure and consistent return of a good investment for life?


While you are on your way to a better financial future, you got to secure your profit and put them into good use at the right time. Comparing with many who are still struggling in their current state and confuse on their path, you have better opportunity to spend or invest in assets that create good values when necessary. This allow you to outperform many and has better position & image among your peers and in the society.


“Effective” is the keyword, as not all saving plan works the same way to provide you the pathway to a worry-free future that could eventually ensure financial stability and possibly, better plan for your own family.